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This comparison simply includes all savings accounts.

FlexDirect Current Account Nationwide
Open With £1000
Account Type Current Account
Interest AER 5.00%

Why we like it: 5.00% interest for 12 months on balances up to £2,500 for the first year. You must pay in £1,000 or more each month to receive interest (excluding transfers from any Nationwide account held by you or anyone else). 12 month fee-free arranged overdraft available. No monthly fee. Must be aged 18 or older.

RCI Bank
Freedom Savings Account RCI Bank
Min deposit £100
Term Instant Access
Interest AER 1.30%

Why we like it: MARKET LEADING RATE. No notice period. Deposit from £100. Interest paid monthly or annually. Apply in minutes.

Habib Bank Zurich
Fixed Rate Bond Habib Bank Zurich
Min deposit £1000
Term 1 Year
Interest AER 1.85%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1000. No withdrawals permitted. Apply online. Eligible deposits covered by UK FSCS.

Masthaven Bank
Flexible Term Saver Masthaven Bank
Min deposit £500
Term 30 Months
Interest AER 2.11%

Why we like it: 30 month term. Interest can be paid monthly or annually. Minimum deposit £500, Maximum deposit £250,000. No withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected

RCI Bank
Fixed Rate Bond RCI Bank
Min deposit £1000
Term 3 Years
Interest AER 2.31%

Why we like it: Save from £1,000 to £1,000,000. No withdrawals before the end of the term. RCI Bank are protected up to a total of €100,000 by the FGDR (Fonds de Garantie Dépôts et de Résolution), the French deposit protection scheme. Apply online.

Fixed Rate Bond Vanquis
Min deposit £1000
Term 4 Years
Interest AER 2.52%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000. Interest paid monthly or annually. Apply online. Eligible deposits covered by UK FSCS.

Fixed Rate Bond Vanquis
Min deposit £1000
Term 5 Years
Interest AER 2.70%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000. Interest paid monthly or annually. Apply online. Eligible deposits covered by UK FSCS.

Compare Clydesdale Bank savings accounts

To achieve your savings goal, you need a savings account that suits your set of circumstances. Of course, the right savings account will depend on how long you wish to lock up your savings for, how much savings you have and what sort of interest rate you want.

If you are looking for a savings account, you might want to review the accounts available with Clydesdale Bank.

Current Accounts

Currents accounts have often come with modest interest rates. However, high street banks have increased their interest rates offered with current accounts to attract more business. These higher interest rates have resulted in more savers using current accounts for their savings.

Clydesdale Bank has six separate current accounts, which have different interest rates and criteria. It is important to compare the six accounts to find out which one is best for you.  

Instant Access Savings Accounts

Instant access accounts offer you the opportunity to receive interest on your savings and the ability to make a withdrawal at any time.

Clydesdale Bank offer a number of different instant access accounts with varying rates of interest, which gives you the freedom to find an account to suit your savings goals.

Notice Savings Accounts

Notice savings accounts typically provide slightly higher interest rates than instant access accounts, the trade-off being that notice is required before a withdrawal can be made.

Clydesdale Bank‘s 40-Day Notice account provides more interest than their instant access accounts, but requires 40 days’ notice for a withdrawal.

Fixed Rate Bonds

Fixed rate bonds enable you to access higher rates of interest, providing you do not make any withdrawals throughout the life of the bond.

Clydesdale Bank have fixed rate bonds that run between three months and five years, so you can find a bond that caters for your savings needs.

Cash ISAs

To take advantage of the £20,000 tax-free interest allowance, you could open an ISA.

There are two different ISAs available with Clydesdale Bank : Help to Buy ISA and their Cash ISA. Although they do not pay the highest interest on the market, the ability to earn tax-free interest is an attractive prospect.

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