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This comparison simply includes all savings accounts.

RCI Bank
Freedom Savings Account RCI Bank
Min deposit £100
Term Instant Access
Interest AER 1.42%

Why we like it: No notice period. Deposit from £100. Interest paid monthly or annually. Apply in minutes.

Notice Cash ISA Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 30 Day Notice
Interest AER 1.30%

Why we like it: Unlimited withdrawals subject to 30 days notice.

Easy Access Account Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term Easy Access
Interest AER 1.25%

Why we like it: Earn 1.00% gross/AER on balances from £1,000 to £1 million. Unlimited withdrawals without restriction or loss of interest.

Wyelands Bank
Fixed Rate Bond Wyelands Bank
Min deposit £5000
Term 6 Months
Interest AER 1.60%

Why we like it: Save from £5,000. No withdrawals during the term. FSCS Protected

The Access Bank UK
Fixed Rate Bond The Access Bank UK
Min deposit £5000
Term 1 Year
Interest AER 1.95%

Why we like it: Save from £5,000 to £500,000. No additional deposits or withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 2 Years
Interest AER 2.25%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 3 Years
Interest AER 2.40%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 4 Years
Interest AER 2.45%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 5 Years
Interest AER 2.50%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Compare Aldermore savings accounts

Aldermore is a retail bank that specialises in savings and lending for SMEs and individuals. The company has a strong focus on providing a fast, smooth service to their customers. They offer a variety of savings accounts to suit different types of savers and their needs.

Fixed Rate Accounts

Commonly known as “fixed rate bonds”, this type of account offers a guaranteed rate of interest for the life of the bond in exchange for not being able to access your money during this period.

Aldermore offer fixed rate accounts for periods of 1-5 years with a minimum deposit of just £1,000. The longer the term of the bond, the better interest rate you will be offered and you can take your interest monthly, annually or when the bond matures.

Easy Access Savings Accounts

Aldermore’s easy access account allows you to deposit and withdraw money whenever you like with no fees or penalties. You can start an account with a minimum deposit of £1,000 and make as many withdrawals as you like.

An easy access account lets you earn interest while still giving you instant access to your money when necessary. Aldermore allows you to manage your account online, by phone or by post.

Notice Savings Accounts

Similar to its easy access accounts, Aldermore’s notice accounts can be opened with just £1,000 and allow you to add or withdraw money as often as you like. The difference is that you have to give 30 days’ notice before making a withdrawal, but in exchange you will get a slightly higher interest rate than for an easy access account.


ISAs allow UK taxpayers to earn interest on a certain amount of their savings without paying tax on the proceeds. The amount of tax-free interest you can earn is decided by the government and changes over time. For the 2017/18 tax year the amount is £20,000.

Aldermore currently offer three types of ISAs – Fixed Rate Cash ISAs, Notice Cash ISAs and an Easy Access Help to Buy ISA. These give different interest rates and conditions on adding and withdrawing funds. The Easy Access Help to Buy ISA also provides a bonus when used towards purchasing a property if you are a first time buyer.

ISAs do not tend to offer the best interest rates, so you need to consider whether the amount you are likely to save in tax will be more than the extra interest you could earn from a higher paying account.

Find the best savings account for you

The types of accounts, interest rates and other features providers, such as Aldermore, offer change regularly to reflect market conditions and consumer demand. This can make it hard to know what the best offers are for you at any given moment.

Our savings account comparison table at the top of this page allows you to quickly contrast some of the best savings accounts currently available from across the industry. These deals are frequently updated, meaning you can always stay on top of the most attractive savings opportunities on offer.

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