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This comparison simply includes all savings accounts.

RCI Bank
Freedom Savings Account RCI Bank
Min deposit £100
Term Instant Access
Interest AER 1.42%

Why we like it: No notice period. Deposit from £100. Interest paid monthly or annually. Apply in minutes.

Notice Cash ISA Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 30 Day Notice
Interest AER 1.30%

Why we like it: Unlimited withdrawals subject to 30 days notice.

Easy Access Account Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term Easy Access
Interest AER 1.25%

Why we like it: Earn 1.00% gross/AER on balances from £1,000 to £1 million. Unlimited withdrawals without restriction or loss of interest.

Wyelands Bank
Fixed Rate Bond Wyelands Bank
Min deposit £5000
Term 6 Months
Interest AER 1.60%

Why we like it: Save from £5,000. No withdrawals during the term. FSCS Protected

The Access Bank UK
Fixed Rate Bond The Access Bank UK
Min deposit £5000
Term 1 Year
Interest AER 1.95%

Why we like it: Save from £5,000 to £500,000. No additional deposits or withdrawals permitted. FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 2 Years
Interest AER 2.25%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 3 Years
Interest AER 2.40%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 4 Years
Interest AER 2.45%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Fixed Rate Bond Aldermore
Min deposit £1000
Term 5 Years
Interest AER 2.50%

Why we like it: Minimum deposit £1,000 - No withdrawals permitted - FSCS Protected

Compare Barclays business current accounts

Barclays is one of the UK’s best known high street banks offering both personal and business banking. They have different kinds of business current account to suit different types of customers, so it is a good idea to check exactly what their various accounts have to offer to see which might be a good fit for your company’s banking needs.

Types of Barclays business bank accounts

Barclays offer current accounts for businesses with two main payment plan options – these are their Mixed Payments Plan and e-Payments Plan.  

With both plans you will receive a guaranteed level of support and a monthly loyalty reward, which means the longer you keep your business banking with Barclays, the less you will pay in bank charges. It is free to take cash out at an ATM and make internal electronic transfers with both plans, but other fees vary from plan to plan.

Mixed Payments Plan

This plan requires you to pay a small fee per transaction for electronic payments (in and out) and a slightly higher fee per £100 for cash payments (in and out). You will also need to pay per transaction for cheques and assisted payments (in and out) and pay a monthly account fee.

This account is ideal for business customers who will be taking and making payments in a range of ways on a regular basis.

e-Payments Plan

With this plan, electronic payments in and out are free, but you will pay a higher rate per £100 for cash payments (in and out) and per transaction (in and out) for cheques and assisted payments compared to the Mixed Payments Plan. There is also a slightly higher monthly account fee.

This type of account is best for companies that take and make most of their payments electronically.

What to look for in a business bank account

Whether you choose to take out a business current account with Barclays, or decide to investigate what their competitors have to offer, there are certain key features it is worth looking out for:

  • Interest rates paid on credit balances
  • What overdraft facility is offered and any associated fees and interest rates
  • Standing charges i.e. monthly or quarterly fees for having the account
  • Transaction fees
  • Introductory offers (such as 12 months free business banking)
  • Online and phone banking (standard with most modern business accounts)
  • Any extra financial tools offered (such as banking apps)
  • How much support the bank provides with different types of business accounts

Find the best business current account for you

When sorting out your business banking, it is important to get the best deal possible. This can save you from paying more than you need to in fees and interest charges, and can help you earn money if you are likely to be in credit most of the time.

However, knowing which of the many banks and building societies on the market offers the best value for you can be difficult. This is why we offer a free business current account comparison tool, to help make your life easier.

All you have to do is head to the top of the page and you can see the key features of the best value accounts from all the leading lenders. This means you can easily compare and contrast the various accounts to see which is the best fit for your needs, allowing you to get a great deal on your business banking.

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