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This comparison simply includes all savings accounts.

Business Current Account Tide
Monthly Fee £0
Account Type Mobile Business Bank Account
Features Access to Instant Saver Account paying 4.33% AER

Why we like it: Open a free Tide business current account using referral code FAIRINVESTMENT and you can then open a Tide Instant Saver account in-app and start saving from just £1 (T&Cs apply). Designed for growing businesses and freelancers. Free account opening in as little as 5 minutes. Free contactless Mastercard. No monthly or annual fees. Free card payments UK and abroad. Free transfers between external accounts for one  year (20p per transfer thereafter). Free transfers between Tide accounts. ATM cash withdrawals  – £1. Cash Deposits – £1 at Post Office or 3% at PayPoint. 1 in 12 business current accounts opened in the UK was with Tide, within a year launch. Mobile App Features: Sync with accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks, FreeAgent, Sage, KashFlow and Recko. Overview of your balance and all transactions listed in seconds. Auto categorisation for income and expenditure. Instant switching between separate accounts. Freeze and unfreeze card, get card PIN reminder and order a free replacement in seconds. Create and pay invoices. Access your account on any laptop or desktop

Business Current Account Monese
Monthly Fee £9.95
Account Type Business Bank Account
Features Send or receive money from over 30 countries Supported in 14 language

Why we like it: Sign up in minutes. Transfer money abroad - send or receive from over 30 countries. Contactless Mastercard debit card, withdraw globally from any ATM for free. Make payments via the UK Faster Payments network for free. Spend, receive and send money fast in the local currency with no extra markup fees. Use your app in one of 14 languages. Easily add funds to your business account with cash. from ore than 40,000 PayPoint or Post Office locations across the UKCreate invoices right in your app to easily send to clients. Keep your personal and company finances separate. Effortlessly manage and track your spending for both accounts in a single app. Breakthrough technology and state-of-the-art security features like 3D secure, biometric login and backend encryption, you can have peace of mind that your money, personal data and account are safe

Business Current Account MultiPass
Monthly Fee £23
Account Type Business Bank Account
Features Enjoy intentionally simple business banking with MultiPass

Why we like it: MultiPass is a bank challenger that offers multi-currency virtual IBANs, local EU, UK and US accounts as well as a corporate card to cover day-to-day business expenses. Transact in 30+ currencies across 180 countries. Get your own dedicated IBAN and local UK, EU & US accounts. Make fast multi-currency payments globally via SWIFT or local payment networks. 98% of payments are performed in under 24h. MultiPass gives you access to bank-beating exchange rates that guarantee significant savings versus traditional banks. Get local presence in 20+ countries. Use SEPA Instant (EUR), ACH (USD), Faster Payments (GBP) and other local payment channels to transact in foreign markets cheaper and faster Benefit from personal manager support. A dedicated banking expert that understands your business nature with help you out with any questions and ensure smooth delivery or your payments. Onboard and manage your account entirely online, wherever you are. MultiPass is part of the Dyninno Group, an international holding with over 19 years of experience in the global market

Business Current Account Revolut
Monthly Fee £0
Account Type Business Bank Account
Features 1% cashback For freelancers, sole traders, contractors, and self-employed

Why we like it: Create account in just 2 minutes. Simple and convenient tools made for freelancers, contractors, sole-traders, and more. Get rewarded with 1% cashback on all Pro debit card purchases, whether you’re buying supplies, booking travel or keeping yourself fed and watered while working away. Revolut app for free - from ingoings and outgoings to expenses and invoices, keep your freelance bank account a tap away from your everyday current account. Get paid in seconds, wherever you are - accept quick payments via QR codes, payment links, customisable invoices and a card reader. Use invoice templates to create, track, and send invoices in seconds so you’re always paid on time. Exchange money instantly in 30+ currencies Monthly fee ranges from zero with standard package to £12.99 to include many more benefits. No joining fees

Business Go Current Account Cashplus
Monthly Fee £0
Account Type Business Bank Account
Features Sign up in minutes for Business Bank Account with no monthly or annual fee

Why we like it: Straightforward pricing – No annual or monthly fee. Deposit cash at any UK Post Office or deposit money via bank transfer. Use your card online and instore or to withdraw cash. Pay bills, suppliers and expenses online. Sort and categorise spending on the go via the Cashplus Bank app. Retain control of employee spend and reconcile expenses. Integrated with leading accounting software

Go Solo
Business Current Account Go Solo
Monthly Fee £0
Account Type Business Bank Account
Features Open a business, not just a bank account

Why we like it: Free Master Card™ Business Debit Card. Register online in minutes. Securely manage your card and account. Statements and all transactions in one place with agile search. Invoice & payments hub: Issue, send and track invoices in a few clicks. Instant GBP payments via Faster Payments Network. Strong customer authentication protocols (SCA) ensure the security Option to open a new Limited company registered with Companies House free of charge. Full transaction history, card status, PIN and limits management through the app. All funds are held in a safeguarded account. Monthly fee: Free to start, up to £5 for more advanced options

Business Current Account OuiTrust
Monthly Fee £0
Account Type Mobile Business Bank Account
Features Payment Solutions for your International Business

Why we like it: Transfer money across 100+ countries worldwide at a real exchange rate, with no hidden fees. Stay in control of your business finances. OuiTrust Debit MasterCard. 30+ Currencies Support for Your Global Business. Fees from £0.3 international and local transfer to more than 100 countries and free transfers between OuiTrust Business accounts. OuiTrust provides you with highly competitive exchange rates and locked-in exchange rates promptly for easier control of exchange rate risk. Up to £3 for a Single Payment to 18 Countries, one of the lowest SWIFT transfer fees in Europe, instant payment in EUR, CNY and GBP. Trusted by 50,000 Happy Customers. 24/7 support. Monthly fee: Free to start, up to £19 for more advanced options

Card One Money
Business Current Account Card One Money
Monthly Fee £12.5
Account Type Business Bank Account
Features No Credit Checks Card One just need to verify your identity & residency

Why we like it: Card One aim to open your account in hours with no credit checks. Set up automatic payments for Direct Debits and Standing Orders, order up to 4 cards for your team and add money directly from your account. Set up international payments in a range of currencies with IBAN and SWIFT codes provided. Manage your business finances 24/7 online or in-app. Need to speak to someone? Customer service team is available Monday-Friday, 08:30-17:00. Export statements to accounting softwares including Xero, Sage, FreeAgent. Application Fee £55. Minimum monthly account fee of £12.50. UK registered business only. Primary account holder must be at least 18 years of age. Business owner/ UK residents only

Business Current Account Anna
Monthly Fee £0
Account Type Mobile Business Bank Account
Features Great For Small Businesses & Sole Traders

Why we like it: Try ANNA free for six months. Set up your account in less than 10 minutes and Debit Mastercard® sent the same day. ANNA doesn’t offer credit, which means the process is different by design – it’s fast, and applying won’t affect your credit score. Direct debit support. UK-based chat support – 24/7. ANNA creates and sends sales invoices for you, and politely chases payments due too. ANNA also schedules payments of purchase invoices. Connect your personal and business current accounts from other banks to ANNA to view balance and payment history in the ANNA app. ANNA will be ready for Making Tax Digital (MTD). After six months monthly fee will start from £5

Business Current Account Currensea
Monthly Fee £0
Account Type Mobile Business Bank Account
Features Great For Trading Abroad

Why we like it: Great for businesses dealing abroad. Interbank rates, the best anywhere. No card charges, no FX fees. Exchange rate 0% above wholesale. Pay in all 180 currencies. Automatic integration with all accounting platforms. Virtual or physical World Debit card. Mobile app lets you track spending and monitor transactions. Set spend limits, freeze and unfreeze your card or view your pin. Partnering with all the major high-street banks, connecting securely through Open Banking. No hidden transaction fees, even at the weekend. Zero ATM withdrawal fee up to £500/month. Apply online and receive your card in 3 to 5 days

Business Bank Accounts

What is a Business Bank Account?

Business bank accounts share many similarities with personal bank accounts, but they have added features to make them suitable for business owners to manage their day-to-day finances.

As they are opened in the name of a company, all the transactions are in the name of the business for tax purposes. Some also have specific business banking features like invoicing tools, payment cards for co-workers, and accounting software integration.

Whether you’re a sole trader or you own a charity or limited company, business bank accounts are vital to keeping your finances and taxes organised, but they also offer some financial incentives and benefits too, like attractive interest rates on your cash balance.

Why should I get a business bank account?

Here are some of the key benefits of business bank accounts:

  • Organise your finances - If you’re a sole trader, then you don’t necessarily need to separate your business banking from your personal banking as you’ll submit your tax return each year and declare your income and expenses. However, at the very least, it’s a great way to keep track of your finances and get a comprehensive split of your business expenditure and income and your personal spending. Taking the hassle out of your company’s finances means more time focusing on growing your business.
  • Separate your business transactions for your taxes -  Setting up a Limited Company can be a more tax-efficient way of earning your self-employed income. HMRC currently charges a flat rate of corporation tax on your company’s profits, and you can then split your personal income between dividends and salary which means you’ll pay less tax in some cases. Separating your company banking from your personal transactions is essential for this, as you can’t accept payments to your limited company directly into your personal account.
  • Quick and easy invoicing - Many business bank accounts have invoice features allowing you to quickly send payment requests to your customers without the need to draw up a document or e-mail every time. Quick, simple and professional.
  • Integrated accounting software - Your tax reporting will be easier than ever if your business bank account automatically links to your accounting software. Automatically calculate your company’s earnings and expenses without needing to trawl through your statements by linking to accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero and FreeAgent.
  • Boost your business credit score -  Using a business bank account increases your company’s credit score, especially if you commit to regular expenditures while not abusing your overdraft. A good company credit score will help you to secure business loans and mortgages in the future, as banks can trust your repayment likelihood.

Along with these key attributes, here are some more generic features and advantages of business bank accounts:

  • Manage your accounts online or via a mobile app
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Bank transfers
  • Arranged overdrafts
  • Set up standing orders and Direct Debits
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Company expenses cards
  • Interest on your cash balance
  • Telephone support and banking options
  • Notifications on your phone via your bank app
  • Categorised income and expenditure
  • Freezing and unfreezing your card via your bank app

What’s the best bank for a business account?

The best business bank account for you depends on the size, structure and jurisdiction of your business along with many other factors concerning how you intend to use the account.

The cheapest business bank account might not offer all the features you need or enough customer support, so compare all the options and consider what you value personally before applying.

We‘ll go through the main things to consider when comparing business bank accounts below.

Do they offer overseas banking for international companies?

If your business deals in multiple countries then you want a bank account tailored to overseas banking.

Some business bank accounts are only eligible to UK businesses that only operate in the UK, so you’ll be instantly rejected.

Other business bank accounts facilitate overseas transactions but only as an added feature, and they aren’t necessarily designed for this purpose. For example, they might charge highly for overseas withdrawals and transactions even though they do facilitate them.

An account specifically designed for overseas banking might be the solution. It might be more expensive annually but could save you money in the long term on the extra administration charges you'll avoid paying.

How good are their customer service ratings?

Our finances are important to us. When things go wrong with our money, it can provoke emotional reactions in us like few other things can. This is why specialist support from people you can trust is so important to banking customer service.

If you have a business finance issue, you want it resolved quickly and efficiently before it starts to snowball into more problems, like having your cards frozen or going into your overdraft when you shouldn’t need to and facing extra charges.

Here are our top 4 customer service features to look for in business bank accounts:

  1. How good are their customer reviews and satisfaction ratings? Have they won any awards or nominations? Review sites like Google Reviews and Trust Pilot are a good place to start looking.
  2. Do they offer live chat, e-mail and telephone support options?
  3. Do they provide 24/7 support? This is especially relevant if you’re accounting for international time differences.
  4. Do they have branches for a face-to-face service? Remember that branches are expensive for banks to run so you might be paying more for this type of support.

On the other hand, customer service usually comes at a price.

Companies need to invest money and resources into training their specialist support teams team and maintaining staff numbers to keep up with demand. If you’re confident that you don’t need these services then you might find cheaper alternatives.

What are the charges to open your business bank account?

Your business banking fees are one of the most important topics of consideration. With company bank accounts, there are two main ways in which you’ll be charged:

Monthly or annual charge

Business bank accounts often apply a monthly or annual charge to your account for a fixed amount.

They’ll often take lower or nil charges for transactions to compensate for this, so it could be the best account for you if you intend to make regular transactions.

If your account is relatively idle, though, it might be more expensive.

Transaction fees

Some business bank accounts offer their account as free of fixed, ongoing charges, but instead take fees on transactions like transfers and cash withdrawals.

This is probably a cheaper option if you won’t be actively using your account very much.

Other fees

It’s worth remembering that some accounts have discounted or free trial periods you can benefit from, whereas other accounts might charge you for opening your account or make other, ad hoc charges you’re not expecting.

Remember, you can find all your charges detailed in the terms and conditions of your business bank account.

What type of account is best for a small business?

Some business bank accounts have a minimum threshold that rules out small businesses, while others welcome small business applications and have features to suit their needs.

As a small or new business owner you might not have a good business credit score yet, or have many previous years of tax returns to evidence your company activity with.

Some providers bypass these initial vetting checks and accept all applicants with basic ID documents and verified business names, so these accounts will be more likely to accept you.

Business Banking FAQs

How much money do I need for a business bank account?

Most business bank accounts don’t have a minimum balance requirement. However, some have a maximum balance limit of £50k or £100k, for example.

Can you be denied a business bank account?

You could be denied a business bank account for a few reasons:

· You’re not a UK resident

· You’re under 18

· Your business has a poor credit rating

· You can’t prove your identity or your business registration

· Other administrative issues

Most of the time these issues are easy to resolve, but you might want to consider using a bank that advertises quick applications as they’re likely to do less vetting with regards to credit checks and business verifications.

What banks pay you to open a business account?

Some accounts reward you with cashback on your spending, so look out for this term when you’re comparing business bank accounts.

How quickly can I open a business bank account?

You can open a business bank account in as little as 5 minutes. Some providers are quicker than others due to the business and personal information they require from you.

How do I open a business bank account?

The easiest way to open a business bank account is online. Many providers allow you to submit any documents electronically to speed up the process too.

Are business bank accounts protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

Yes, typical business bank accounts are covered for up to £85,000 through the FCSC. If your bank were to go into liquidation, you are covered for this amount.

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